Adrian Lachance a Plains Cree was born in Saskatoon SK, Feb, 28/1972.  Soon after his Mother wanted a better life for the family and moved to Edmonton AB.  life was really hard for them because of the easy access to drugs and alcohol.  Adrian was exposed to all types of abuse neglect due to the high level of drinking in the home as a child.  Beacuse of that he would get taken out of the home from his family and put in to foster care and group care.  Thats when life took a turn a for the worst, getting beat up and name called all kinds of nagitive things while he was in care.  It was then Adrian became angery at the world and his parents for not wanting him.  In and out of care left him numb towards his mother, and a deep hate for his father.  As the years past Adrian got into all kinds trouble with crime, gangs and drugs & alcohol.  Eventully street life was the only place he felt safe and welcomed, it was there where he seen a dark side to addiction.  It was hard to trun down the needle at the age of 14 thats when he became a "junkie" chasing the high everyday was the path for him.

This was around the time he would get arrested for drug possession and trafficking cocaine, in and out of jail bacame another life he grew to know very well.  It was there Adrian got introduced to the native culture and started to hear the words from the elders.  A total of 6 and a half years spent in the federal system was a wake up call to his spirit and and his true calling.  He began to work with the elders understanding the gift of forgiveness, that is when his healing journey began.  For 13 years now he has been clean and sober showing the young ones that theres more that you can do with your life then make bad choices.  Adrian has been out ever since 1997 shaing hope, humor and cultural awareness as a way to bring people together in a good way.

A Warriors work is never done, you always have to help people and teach the young ones to respect & protect the woman and children.

Adrian LaChance